COVID-19 Update - April 2023

Telehealth: Throughout this global pandemic, a very difficult period of time in the world, Jubilee
House has continued to provide mental health services for our community through the use of
telehealth counseling. We are pleased to be able to continue providing these video/audio and
phone sessions for our clients that still need or desire this mode of therapy. Telehealth services
avoid all risk factors for the contraction and spread of covid-19 and it’s variants, it provides an
excellent platform for face-to-face, virtual communication without cumbersome masks, and is
confidential. Phone calls, while not face-to-face, can still provide a very therapeutic mode of
communication between counselor and client, and have been beneficial to many people.

Over the last three years some clients have come to enjoy other benefits of
telehealth, such as convenience, lack of driving and using gas, and being able to
relax in their own homes. They still continue to desire this mode of counseling
over face-to-face counseling. The declaration of public emergency, both federal
and state, allowed this new mode of counseling to be more readily available and
covered by insurance companies. As the state of Illinois ends it’s public state of
emergency, there will be a good possibility that some insurance companies will
continue to allow this type of service to be covered, however, this will need to be
checked on a case by case basis. As a new or current client of Jubilee House,
after May 11, 2023, you may want to call to confirm your insurance company’s
policy for telehealth services. We can also check on this for you as requested.
Thank you for your patience going forward as this is all new, and policies are
changing with our times. If a client’s insurance company doesn’t cover telehealth,
clients may be able to private pay for these services.

Face to Face – Inside: Our main facility is open for face-to-face counseling
sessions for our counselors and staff at Jubilee House that feel comfortable with
this choice. We value the work we do in the sacred spaces between client and
counselors in our comfortable environment. We want everyone to feel
comfortable and safe at Jubilee House so that we can provide the best
environment for growth and healing. To that end, we ask that if you are
experiencing symptoms you postpone your next session until you are well. If you
believe you may have been exposed to someone with covid-19, please contact
your counselor to have a conversation about comfort levels, and we also ask that
if you do come to our facility that you wear a mask until you are certain you are
not contagious. Thanks for your help with this.
Note: This policy may be subject to change in the event that a more dangerous
variant becomes more widely spread in our area. Our ultimate goal is to provide
counseling services by walking alongside anyone in need while trying to be
mindful of the health and well-being of all. Please do not hesitate to contact
Jubilee House with any questions or concerns about our covid-19 policies.